Neil and Maerii

“One day we should go travelling the world!”

One day we decided ‘enough was enough’ we need to go and travel! We aren’t getting any younger. We set about planning & saving hard, sold our car, let out our flat & moved into a ‘shoe box’! Money doesn’t grow on trees sadly, but with all the scrimping and saving we now we have the opportunity to turn our backpacking dream into a reality.

We are Neil & Maerii and this is our travel blog.

In August we’ll be leaving leaving London behind. We’ll leave our home, our jobs, our friends & family and board a one-way flight to St Petersburg, Russia to begin our travel adventure ‘around the world’. Our plan so far is to travel the Trans Mongolian railway route across Siberia & Mongolia which ends in Bejing. From there we’ll explore some of China, Japan, Hong Kong and after that, who knows?!

It might seem our plans are rather vague but we like it that way and with nothing set in stone we can go pretty much where we want when we want and don’t have the constraints of a pre-booked itinerary. After all, we won’t really know how much we like somewhere and how long we want to stay until we get there so the ‘make it up as you go along’ approach seems to make sense to us! We’re looking forward so many things… Meeting new people, escaping the rat race, seeing the sun (and finally getting a tan!), eating SO much good food, learning new things and did we mention all the food?! We both realise how fortunate we are to be in the position to go on a trip like this so intend to cherish every moment.

So the adventure starts here. We may be thousands of miles apart but with the wonders of the internet we’ll never be more than a few mouse clicks away so we hope you’ll enjoy reading our blog, follow our adventures here, on Twitter or on Facebook, and share your thoughts with us as we set off travelling around the world!

Take care,
Neil & Maerii

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