Hong kong

After our adventures in Yangshuo, we traveled back by bus to Guangzhou in South China to catch the direct train to Hong Kong. China’s buses and and trains had proved to be extremely efficient and reliable, it was a really easy journey despite taking most of the day. We arrived in Hong Kong in the evening and stayed with my lovely cousin Polly and her very hospitable boyfriend Socrate in their lovely flat in Causeway Bay – right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of the vibrant city. That evening they took us to a fantastic little Japanese restaurant where we ate our weight in sashimi, sea urchin, prawns and sushi.

It was nice to return to Hong Kong again after our initial whistle stop tour for two days just to pick up another visa for China. It was nice to be back amongst friends and family and enjoy the pre-Christmas atmosphere, with bright lights and decorations adorning every inch of the city. We met up with my Dad, my aunts and my grandma who had also flown over from the UK and from Canada. Relatives I had not seen for a good many years, and many which Neil had never met. Almost every day our relatives would organise some great feast or another. Chinese people love to eat! And that’s why I love my culture!

This time I had more time to take Neil sightseeing, going for the ‘typical tourist’ locations in Hong Kong like Ocean Park (amazing theme park perched on a mountainside with breathtaking views), we took the Peak tram and walked around the peak, we went to Lantau island to visit the giant buddha and rode the longest cable car in the world, we set sail on the Aqua Luna for night time views of the city skyline, we bet on horses at Happy Valley (and broke even!). There’s so much you can do and see in Hong Kong and we hadn’t even scrapped the surface.


The only disappointing thing were the markets which Hong Kong were once renowned for. A few years before you could buy great clothes, shoes, souvenirs, accessories, snacks, fruit and vegetables (if you have even been to Shilin night market in Taipei, Hong Kong was like that before). However that has all been lost to awful overpriced tourist tat and fake goods – but probably a good thing as that meant our travel budget was safe from me and my shopping needs – there was nothing I wanted to buy! We were well and truly spoilt in Hong Kong, and we thank all our generous relatives for feeding us till our guts burst with such great food. We didn’t feel like budget backpackers then! So thanks for all the gifts, the food and merriment! We had a fab ‘pre-Christmas’! Onwards to Thailand! For some beach fun and a hot Christmas!