Russian pies For those of you that know me well, know that I LOVE PIES! And that includes anything that resembles a pie – which is basically anything enclosed in some kind of a pastry-like crust or pies with a creamy potato topping (e.g. shepherd’s pie). I love savoury pies and fruit pies…MMmmmm…pie… Anyway, I decided that I should start a some kind of ‘I Spy Pie’ entry as I know I will be on the hunt for pies and pie-like delights around the world. Whenever I encounter a pie I will post an ‘I Spy Pie’ entry. If you can’t tell already this is merely for my own amusement and I don’t expect you to share the same love for pies as I do, but I think everyone should love pies.

Pies in Russian are called ‘Pirogi’

We sampled some Russian pies yesterday! After searching for some cheap eats (St. Petersburg is not a cheap city – on par with London I’d say) we stumbled across the Stolle cafe (a chain of cafes around Russia) that mainly serve pies and coffee. The one in St. Petersburg is on the Nevsky Prospect round the corner from the Hermitage Museum. We first tried a meat pie (minced beef) which was a like a minced meat sausage roll! Rammed with filling though! Very nice! And then we tried a slice of apple pie which was super tasty too! Slices of mildly spiced apple in a lattice pastry casing. The pie pastry is a soft, cake-like and spongy texture and slightly sweet (even for the meat pie) and not at all like pastry we have in the UK. They were so tasty in fact that we went back and sampled another pie! Haha! This time bought a large slice of chicken pie. It had large chunks of chicken in a creamy dill sauce with a little bit of rice packed in at the top. But, in the crazy pie-eating frenzy I forgot to take a photo! So here’s a link to the menu instead! It was a cheap lunch (not the most healthiest but ho hum) the cost for a small slice of pie was 35 rubles (68p), a large slice of pie was 70 rubles (£1.36), a coffee was 80 rubles (£1.55).

If there are any pie shops or types of pies I should keep an eye out for whilst on my travels please let me know! I would be so grateful indeed! 🙂 Lots of Love – The Pie Queen xxx