20120911-232622.jpgThanks to our new Aussie friends Gemma & Luke we got tickets to see a ballet at the Kremlin theatre but we certainly didn’t know that we’d be saving ourselves 350RUB (about £7) each by getting free entry to the Kremlin at the same time!

Our Hobotip:

Tickets to the Kremlin ballet can be bought for as little as 250RUB and if you go to an afternoon performance the theatre will probably half empty so once the lights are down there is no problem moving forward to the more expensive seats providing they’re empty of course! To get to the theatre you use the same entrance as you do for the Kremlin so once the performance has finished you should have an hour or 2 before closing so can simply go for a look around the Kremlin without having to pay the additional 350RUB entry fee!… 20120911-232640.jpg Now I’m not sure this is supposed to be allowed but we had no problem doing it and saved ourselves around £14 on entry fees so thought we’d share this tip for money saving, culture & ballet all rolled into one!

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