This weekend our official ‘Leaving/Engagement/30th Birthday’ party took place at the Cos Bar in central London and we were joined by so many good friends for a celebration and farewell all rolled into one. After a day of prepping party food (thank goodness for Tesco delivery!), sorting outfits, making playlists, blowing balloons, booking taxis and sipping champers we were just about ready to get things underway!

Party food

Party food – Perfect for soaking up the alcohol!

With the Olympics in full swing in London we were a little concerned that a few people would struggle to make it and at the official party start time of 7pm there were a grand total of 3 of us in the bar! Fortunately there were several big TV’s showing the Olympics so once everything was ready we sat back with drinks in hands and watched the highlights, hoping that our friends hadn’t forgotten us!…

Empty venue

Empty venue = No friends!

Then in true party style the ‘fashionably late’ friends started rolling in and in no time at all we had a good crowd filling the bar… The drinks flowed, more people arrived and we spent the next few hours chatting away and catching up with everyone. It was fantastic having so many good friends all in one place. Some had travelled quite a distance to be there, some had to find baby sitters and some were still nursing hangovers from the previous night so we’re really grateful to all our friends who made the effort to be there with us to send us off in true London style!

Party Neil & Maerii

We won’t be needing these outfits again for a while!

And so the partying continued with tunes blasting out from the speakers, and with a 2am licence it gave us plenty of time to do lots of sensible adult things…like dozens of shots of Jaegermeister, Jager-bombs and sambuca shots…(we won’t be needing to drink those ever again!)

Lots of shots

Anyone for a Jager?!

A blurry 2am came around all too soon so we settled the bar tab and the wonderful bar staff ushered us out the door to the waiting taxi. After what was probably the longest ever taxi ride home via Clapham, Tooting, Colliers Wood and Croydon (then all the way back to Tulse Hill) and who knows where else (I wouldn’t – I was asleep!) we finally arrived back home around 3:30am. We stumbled through the door, munched our way through some left over cold pizza and finally crawled into bed for a few hours sleep before a lazy Sunday in front of the TV to watch more Olympics (yay to Murray!) and a big fat curry feast. Can’t believe that in exactly 3 weeks time we’ll have just touched down in St. Petersburg and the adventure will have officially begun! Thanks everyone for making it such a top night! Love to all!

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